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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Mann Samachar

khuda ki Meharbaniya Behisab kyu aai sabko Pasand Zara Gour Farmaye

 By the grace of God now are poetry video publised by news channel MANNSAMACHAR and shared by more the 50 people.

Before this video one interview of Mr. Munawwar Masoom-Vocalist, our team had done in that i(Abdullah Dar is Anchor)

Published by news channel

         Samreen Naqvi

             Abdullah Dar

Our New Poem-

Khuda ki meharbaniya behisaab.

Publised video link is given below .

Author-Late Mr.Khalid Saleem

Co-Author-Abdullah Dar

Reference book-Mr.Khalid Saleem Dar Biography.

Publised By- Verse Publication, Banglore

Heartfelt thanks to all team members.

Abdullah Dar-(Poet,Actor,Teacher and Youtuber)

Aparna Joshi-Teacher,Actress and Voive over artist

Samreen Naqvi-Poet and Actress

Sonu Gautam-Corona Warrior

Lijo John-Teacher and Artist

Parikalp Shukla- Relationship Manager at Mahindra


           Aparna Joshi

Dashrath Gadekar- 

(Poet, Writer, Social Worker & Manager - HR at HPCL

दशरथ गढ़ेकर

कवि, कहानीकार, समाजसेवक और प्रबंधक -राजभाषा, एचपीसीएल

            Sonu Gautam

Read more about Late Mr. khalid Saleem


Tribute to Mr. Khalid Saleem S/o Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem’s life, pure [electrical switching system] evolved by him using Boolean Algebra and Printed Circuit Board in 1989 invented electronic chess game. Top Indian scientist selected & declare him extra-ordinary in ISRO around 1971, He developed many models with it such as token system, Allah name display model etc. Designed the digital block with LEDs Arabic Numbers (As written in Arabic style). Besides display, these numbers have its own system which is not the conventional electronic mesh array. This scribe video also deals with his poetry/lyrics, 786 rupees collection and other collections such as old coins of India and abroad.


 Parikap shukla

Dashrath Gadekar

Abdullah Dar with Mr. Munawwar Masoom-Vocalist

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Abdullah Dar
August 24, 2020 at 9:18 AM delete

Some people deserve more than just a thank you. Just like you!

Abdullah Dar
August 24, 2020 at 9:55 AM delete

Abdullah Dar interviewed qawwali mastaro Munawwar Masoom link.